Relevant Data

  • In 2015 the honduran Disaster Risk Management Authority (COPECO) institutionalised the ARC-D as a nationwide best practice tool and, in partnership with UNDP, trained 60 members of the National Disaster Risk Management system in its application.
  • Featured in the European Union’s 2015 Resilience Compendium, as the ARC-D was an important cornerstone in GOAL’s urban resilience project in Haiti, “Tounen Lakay (Retour à la maison)”.
  • The National University of Honduras validated the toolkit’s relevance and complementarity to UNISDR’s Local Government Self-Assessment Tool within the Making Cities Resilient campaign.
  • Over 255 applications of the ARC-D Toolkit in GOAL LAC and Africa
  • Applied in urban context (27%) as well as rural context (73%).
  • Over 172 national system trained staff, throughout 3 countries.
  • Socialized in 4 international events between the years 2015-2017.