Building resilience in socio economic systems and communities enables people to become self-reliant in the face of challenges. GOAL believes that Resilience is not a sector, nor a mainstreaming issue. Instead it is a strategic approach for improving development processes, based on a strong contextual analysis, a dynamic understanding of community attributes and capacities, and an adaptive management of interventions.

Creemos que la resiliencia no es un sector, ni una cuestión de integración. En cambio, es un enfoque estratégico para mejorar la programación, basado en un análisis contextual sólido, una comprensión dinámica de los atributos y capacidades de la comunidad y un manejo adaptable de las intervenciones.

GOAL recognizes that resilience must be built in different levels of society, from an individual, household, organizational, community, national and international level, including all the socio-economic and/or socio-ecological systems that make up the enabling environmental, social and governance context. A systems perspective encourages us to understand the complexity of the social networks that surround us, as well as the interactions and interdependencies that exist between them. The deeper our understanding of these dynamics, the better our programming will be at addressing root causes of exclusion, inequality and poverty rather than addressing symptoms alone.